PEMMEX (BLACK) Strain Review

Many of the genetics they work with are either classic OMMP cuts or landrace strains from their hippy trips abroad. This Meat Breath is one of the more contemporary genetic lines they work with, but it’s also one of my favorites from them.

It’s got a depth of aroma and flavor that’s practically unheard of. Deep, meaty funk with floral and earth notes, I can only really call this DANK. The shit is unctuous. Flavor coats your mouth like a braise and leaves you tasting musty funk for a while.

The effects are equally unique and enjoyable. It hits in stages. Uplifting, giggly euphoria fades into a heavy, mildly disorienting stone that had me falling asleep repeatedly. It had a notable munchy effect for me, so maybe plan on having snacks ready early on. That disorientation might cause some anxiety in less experienced smokers, but there’s also only one way to gain experience.

I really want more places in town (especially near me) to be carrying Old World Organics products. This is a variety of product that we aren’t seeing often, but it’s something our market is desperately missing. Support these guys, because they have everything you could reasonably ask for in a weed farm, plus a fire Blueberry cut.

Also, on a personal note, I’d appreciate any recommendations of minority/BIPOC owned cannabis brands that sell on the inner East side. I’m trying to diversify my reviews, but it’s easier said than done when you don’t drive, don’t trust the bus or carpooling in a pandemic, and your market is like 90% white folks.


Oz, QP, HP, LB


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