Appearance – Upon opening the bag I revealed beautiful fluffy frosted nugsthat had a very unique structure some fat and fluffy some almost arrow like in shape, I even had one that curled and looked like the silhouette of a rooster. The tones consisted of deep purple tones that flowed into the flower mixing in with forest green, earth green and a array of wild curling orange pistils throughout the flower.

Smell – At first sniff out of the bag my nose was meet with a slight mix of tropical fruit but quickly turn to a creamy earthy coconut like scent not what I was expecting but was a very nice suprise. Out of the bag the mix of exotic fruits are a little more prominent sweet yet a little sour with a smooth creamy earth on the back end.


Effects – It was around 3/4 of the way down that the buzz began to soak in a little as I began to become very relaxed as I slowly feel myself slipping into a mellow place, I finished the joint and i could feel a heaviness weighing down my neck, arms and shoulders, A uplifting clearness begins to settle in my mind as I sit back and enjoy.


About 10 mins goes by and i can feel my eyes getting heavy as I stare into my page, i would say this is deffinetly a after work or night time toke for myself as when i smoke this strain I could do stuff but I’m not going to at all, a good one if you dont have shit to do. I would reccomend this strain to beginners and long time tokers as the high is not super over powering but will leave you like a feather blowing in the wind.

I give this cut of this strain 4 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐, as far as the looks, smell, effects and bag appeal it had it all, the flavor tho was just a little bit of a disappointment, I was expecting a flurry of tasty delicous tropical fruits and when it was mostly leaning towards the earthy side of things I was like damn, now the taste was not bad just not what I was expecting.



Oz, QP, HP, LB


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