BUY BLUE TOMYZ Strain Review

This delicious sounding strain was one I had not tried yet and also from a new grower. The crosses sound phenomenal so I was excited to get into this one!

First glance you get these luscious light green buds covered in frost However what sold me were the ridiculous pistols this shit was packing Personally my favorite part of the cannabisThese nugs were very fresh and dense like a sour dough loaf straight out the oven

The aroma this stuff gives off had me glued to my jar nonstop sniffing. Some of the most unique pungent/sour flower i’ve encountered. Very strong sweet & sour with hints of warm banana peel, pinesol and kush One of the most unique flavors i’ve encountered in a long time

The flavor however is where my excitement slowly declined..Anticipating some sweet & sour flavors with a possible banana undertone but not even close. Harsh sour musk with a woody finish. Also coated my throat and lungs in an unsettling resiny feel. Big hell no for meVery confusing considering it was fresh and had terps. Always problems in the curing stages

My low spirits started to slowly pick back up once this sherbet kicked in. Creeps up in the head creating a spacey airy feeling as if you were starring in an airhead commercialOnce you land back on the ground that indica tsunami crashes behind your eyes then flows throughout the entire body all the way to the feetLeaves your whole body buzzing while feeling incredibly upbeat and chill

Everything was a hit except the flavor which is a huge disappointment for me considering most of us are connoisseurs. I want to say i’d give it another try but the flavor was just bad if i’m going to keep it . Something I sadly could not enjoy. In my opinion, If it smokes like shit and tastes like shit then how is it even possible to enjoy?

What’s your guys experience with @farmfreshorganics_? Let me know!


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