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BackpackBoyz Lechera

Lechera Backpack Boyz

Life is about chasing dreams and creating opportunities. Even when dreams come true, not soon after do new dreams come about. However, dreams do not come true without being ambitious, driven, and a risk-taker. 

Six years ago, I made the Nipsey Hussle Remix used in the video for this review. When you make a song, it is very challenging to gauge how good the music is. As the creator of the piece, there are many inherent biases. Regardless, I put everything aside, aimed for the stars, and shared the song with Nipsey Hussle via Soundcloud.

He was not impressed and replied with a Meh. I took a risk, and failure occurred. Or did it? All these years later, I can say Nipsey Hussle heard my music, and I was able to have a dialogue with him. Also, after the commercial success of “My Bitch Go Loco” I believe he would have been more open to the unique sound of the track today. 

Furthermore, I get to share this story and the song with all of you. I also felt the song’s vibe was fitting for the Los Angeles based 5 Points and Backpack Boyz. 


Backpack Boyz Lechera

Now enough of the bloggy stoner stories. Let’s get to the review. I have reviewed a couple of different Backpack Boyz and 5 Points Strains, such as Italian Ice and Black Cherry Gelato, both of which I enjoyed considerably.

I am very impressed with The Backpack Boyz, and 5 Points’ end product, a wide variety of smooth, clean smoking, full flavor, exotic strains. Not to mention, I am enamored with their marketing and the themes emerging, which I embraced for my Backpack Boyz Narcos Video Homage linked below.


Oz, QP, HP, LB


  1. IonneMD

    Love the brand. Flowers are beautiful, always a great smoke. Sticky fingers, gas, terms Backpack Boyz got it all. I’m eagerly awaiting opening day!

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