When you think of the Bay Area, you should always think Backpack Boyz cannabis. have brought to the scene that have mob influence are Lucky and Gotti, reminiscent of the two mobsters who ran the streets of New York City and had a powerful grip on the crime scene. Bringing the classic Gelato #41 with Billy Kimber OG, the Backpack Boyz “Gotti” is a puffy bright green bud flush with trichomes with a strong citrus dominate nose on it. With a sweet flavor on the exhale, Gotti is a perfect night time toke and will be sure to lock you to the couch and make all your muscles feel like they are unwinding at the end of the day.backpack boyz merch

Coming with a cross of Sunset Sherb and Ice Cream Cake, the Backpack Boyz deliver a creamy blend of bud that hits your nose with sweetness. Reports tell of a more gassy profile on the taste that is reminiscent of the Sherb in the cross. This deep purple hued bud is sure to give you a relaxing body stone while giving an edge of racyness with a head high.

The Inhale and Exhale

Firstly, The inhale conitnues the complex theme with musty, citrus lemon notes complimented by delicate notes of rich, creamy chocolate and coffee with a little bit of earthiness. In contrast, the exhale shows more of the biscotti lineage with cookie-like characteristics more present. I saw a sweet, nutty, earthy profile complemented perfectly by sweet cherry notes and lingering coffee notes in the exhale.

The Smoking Experience

One of the things I love about both of #33s’ parents is the incredibly smooth smoking experience they offer. I found the old runs of Lemon Cherry Gelato exceptionally smooth smoking. I found almost the exact same unique smooth, clean-burning smoking experience with #33 Scottie Pippen. While the strain is incredibly smooth smoking, I also saw significant expansion, which I enjoyed.


Oz, QP, HP, LB


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